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We have successfully desensitised our clients who were

  • - having daily issues with their diet
  • - experiencing anything from chronic to mild, irritating allergies

Patients will usually visit us when they are not getting better despite numerous visists to the GP. Usually doctors can alliviate symptoms or reduce the pain but are unable to resolve the problem.

Testing your allergies

The initial visit to our clinic will begin with assessing the issue(s) and recommending a course of action. There are a few specialist techniques to do this which we employ. NAET has proved itself in identifying and desensitising allergies, Kinesiology is also used to assess exactly what is going on in the body and why it is unable to get well. This is because we are made up of energy, meaning the body knows exactly what it wants and doesn't want through muscle testing.

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How successful are the visits?

Please read our testimonials to see what our healthy, happy patients say.

How many visits?

This varies considerably. The main factors are age (children are usually quicker to sort out), type of treatment and severity of the issue (chronic issues are usually more complex as the core issue causes secondary issues). We can usually give you an estimate following the initial consultation.

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