Food allergies

They are the bane of your life but it all starts off with your immune system. A typical example is this; You have a city job and you bend over backwards to meet deadlines. The commute alone is an hour and-a-half each way. You skip breakfast, grab a coffee on the train, and if you are lucky you might have time for a processed sandwich for lunch. When you get home you are too tired to cook, and in goes the pizza for dinner.

The result? When you keep doing it for days, months, years, your body can't take it anymore. Then your cortisol regulators – the adrenal glands - shut down, your body is flooded with cortisol, your digestive system stops absorbing vital nutrients and before you know it your immune system can't cope with your diet any longer. It then attacks the foods you eat - which weakens it further - resulting in more food intolerances than ever before.

How are they desensitised?

Firstly we help you build up your immune system with much needed supplements, together with dietary measures to give your body a break. This can include essential friendly bacteria probiotics, digestive enzymes to help break your food down, and adrenal support to get your glands working properly. All allergens would be avoided in a tailor made diet, and then when your immune system is ready, we balance out any remaining allergies with NAET (see button below for more details).

De-sensitisation methods

NAET   Nutritional Analysis  

How successful are the visits?

After building up the patient's immune system with a dietary plan and prescribed supplements its just a case of balancing out the body's reactions to the problem food or drinks. We find that by the time the body's immune system is sorted through the initial changes, alot of the food intolerances correct themselves. But if there are any residual intolerances left, then we clear them using a form of acupressure.

How many visits?

Again, it depends how bad they are in the first place. A very weakened immune system will take longer to rectify, and can manifest into all sorts of diseases if it is allowed to go unchecked for so many years. We find that with most patients it's usually down to a bout of excessive stress which has wrecked the adrenal glands, leading to a very weakened immune system as a result.

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