Why our own brand?

This clinic specialises in treating digestive and allergy issues. With this in mind the supplements must be free from additives. Ideally we wanted to recommend a product range for our clients to buy however we could not find a supplier which met the required exacting standards for out treatments. For example the cast majority of supplements have suger related additives which are unsuitable for a person suffering from a sugar intollerance, you get the idea. So we had to resort to buying the products from a manufacturer and so here we are with a Back2Health range of supplements. We have tried our best to keep the price competitive and we hope you will see the benefits of this.


The products we supply are from a trusted and mature UK manufacturer. All it's products adhere to the UK standards for supplements.

How supplements work?

The supplements are complimentary to the perscribed treatment and the long term success is reliant on both. For some clients the dosage perscribed is perceived tobe very high. Often the patients body need a high level of supplements over a short period of time to correct a long standing issue.

How long would you need to take them for?

This will depend on the saverity of your personal issues and how well you stick to the perscribed treatments. Issues and results can often be seen very quickly but usually it takes a few months.

Treatment of your issue(s)

Please refer to the treatments section.


We strive to deliver the ordered items as fast as we can (and the Royal Mail). We are a very small operation and so delivery of these items may take up to a week. If you have not received your items in that timeframe can you please give us a call.


Should the supplements be received damaged or not received at all then please contact us so that we can either re-send the order or issue a refund.

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