MEALtime is a meal replacement drink which contains dairy gluten, wheat, added sugar, artificial colours or yeast. Ideal for sensitive stomaches.

MEALtime is a liquid meal, high in quality vegetable protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, herbs and psyllium husks. The added psyllium husks promote colon detoxification and cleansing.

This powder is the ideal companion to people wishing to speed up slimming results and for those who are too busy to eat a meal at suitable times during the day.

Most importantly, it is dairy and gluten free - this makes it suitable for people with sensitive stomachs and those who suffer from coeliac disease or dairy allergies.

Beneficial for

  • Mild Constipation
  • Between meals as a nutritious drink
  • In place of a meal or snack in order to reduce calorie intake
  • As a meal substitute when there is simply no time to eat but you still wish to maintain optimum nutrition intake & keep up energy levels.
  • As extra calories for people with a small appetite
  • For patients during recuperation from illness
  • For Coeliac’s and Dairy intolerant / allergic people with poor appetites but in need of extra nutrition
  • Slimming aid

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