MAXvits SuperFoods

The 'complete and natural whole food' multivitamin - balanced ingredients from Nature.

Many man-made vitamins and minerals are unabsorbed because they are not natural foods or β€˜balanced' nutrients. They simply pass through the body.

Based on a Dr. Christopher formula, MAXvits Super Foods contains some of Natures most nutrient dense herbs, resulting in a potent and easily assimilated powerhouse supplement.

It makes use of various single-celled, nutritionally superior plants. Once ingested, the 'herbal super foods' are broken down quickly and assimilated into the blood stream within minutes - supplying the nutrients required by cells to carry out functions.

Beneficial for

  • To re-mineralise & nourish the whole body, especially during convalescence Ideal for clients with digestive problems (as the nutrients are in real food form & therefore easily absorbed)
  • During body detoxification programmes to help cleanse organs
  • During the menopause as a multi-nutrients supplement
  • Following Colon Hydrotherapy treatment as a mild colon stimulant & cleanser
  • Low energy levels
  • During times of stress
  • Suitable for long term use as a general Multi-Vitamin & Mineral formula

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