Are you suffering from...

  • - Food allergies
  • - Digestion problems
  • - Constant exhaustion
  • - Endometriosis/polycystic ovaries/fibroids
  • - Infertility
  • - Flatulence, bloating or IBS
  • - Anxiety / Emotional problems
  • - Eczema / Acne / Psoriasis / Dermatitis

We can help you. We have successfully treated many clients who have been chronically ill, and now lead normal, healthy lifestyles. In addition they can now eat anything they want with no reactions whatsoever.


Depending on the issue in question we choose the correct treatment programme. This may be simply a course of supplements through to a series of NAET treatments (for allergies) or Kinesiology for other issues.

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Back2Health Clinic
Westway Clinic 17 Hatchlands road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 6AA

07811 385 196,

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